Your animal knows
your truest self.

He's who you spend your quiet moments with out in nature... your private moments... sharing your deepest thoughts.
And every dog has a story to tell.

A tale of loyalty, companionship, & unwavering spirit. 
For the true sportsman and dog-lover who wants a testament to their legacy, a visual remainder of the unforgettable moments shared from the field to the couch—a bond that transcends time.
Honor them with a 

Cherished Heirloom.

The LONEPALM | PETS collection

A tribute to your lap dog or sporting companion,
 hand-painted by Rachel George Cleveland. 

Pet portraits come in every size and style:
Digital Art... AI... washy watercolors... goofy and graphic.

But you prefer something a little more regal.


A portrait you will proudly lean on the mirror over your entry hall table as a part of the Ralph Lauren-inspired vignette you’ve designed.

When I feel your portrait is finished I will contact you and send you a picture to make sure there aren’t any tweaks that need to be made - I want you to be happy and I won’t deliver your portrait until you are.



Paint, Paint, Paint.

If any questions arise, I will absolutely get in touch with you - I want to make sure I’m getting it right.

I paint


Once in touch, we’ll communicate via e-mail. I want to know your life with your animal. The funniest story, the saddest moment… tell me everything. And I’ll need good reference photos —several are encouraged. We will talk about size, price, layout, and delivery timing. Then I will send you a picture of a sketch to approve.

We Chat—you send pics


Shoot me an email, fill out the contact form, DM me on instagram, send a carrier pigeon—just reach out and say:
“Hey Rach, can you help me out?”
YES - I’ll be in touch.



HOW it works

Commissioning artwork is a very individual process, and can be (a little) daunting.
I try to make this as easy as possible, while giving you the the highest quality work I can.


Begining at $250

Detailed watercolor portrait ranging in sizes from a dainty 4 inches to 10-inch wall art. Discussions on larger sizes are welcome. Price will depend on portrait size and number of pets included in the portrait. Your price will be confirmed with you before beginning work.

Portraits will be delivered mounted in a mat, and ready for framing, unless otherwise noted. 

Custom Commissions

“I’m Speachless. She is Beautiful. Rachel captured her essence so well.”

Raven J.

Rachel is approachable, empathetic, and a talent. I appreciate my portrait every day.

Sam T.

"Rachel captured them perfectly, and even went above and beyond with his first bird. Its fantastic"

Tammy G.

“Rachel is amazing! Our boy's portrait is perfect.”

Jessica T.

Meet your artist

I'm Rachel—Artist, Dog Lover, & Fur-Mom to Fin (and to the late Grady, Morgan, Lucy, and Scout).

I stumbled into dog portraits when (on a whim and in need of a birthday gift) I painted a portrait of my sister's dog, Keeli. Then my beloved Grady. Then Mom's Ginger, and Dad's departed Lucy ... I quickly became the official portraitist of the George Family Animals.

I fell in love with how these portraits made their recipients feel. Having their best friend tuned into art, made their pets so regal and worthy of the heirloom. I've been honored to paint memorial canine and equine portraits. Some very freshly mourning, but I've too lost my share of loved pets and completely understand that pain—that need to grasp for something to hold on to. 

We know that pets are not just pets. They are true members of our families, we love them and worry over them just as hard as our own children. I'm proud to share my gift with you to help give them a place on your wall too—because we know they're already in your heart.

I want to help you

HONOR THeir legacy

Let's Get Started

You are the reason they're leaving one.
You've invested in their breed, their training, their health, & their happiness. 
And they have invested their life into your family.

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